Telecom Bretagne - BREST - Space Reflecto  2013
Program / Presentation

3rd Conference on passive reflectometry
using radiocom space signals, 4 and 5 November 2013, Brest, France
Monday 4 November 2013
Telecom Bretagne - BREST
9h30 - 10h15 Registration + Coffee
10h15 - 11h30

10h15 - 11h00 Welcome Frédéric Maussang , René Garello
(Telecom Bretagne)
11h00 - 11h30 Plenary Talk: Reflectometry using sources of       opportunity: a review Estel Cardellach (ICE-CSIC/IEEC)
12h00 - 13h30 Lunch + Stands
13h30 - 15h35
Chairmen : E. Cardellach (IEEC),
      R. Garello (Telecom Bretagne)
1 13h30 - 13h55 Experimental Results of PARIS Measurements using X-Band Digital Satellite TV Opportunity Signals Reflected on the Sea Surface
Serni Ribo, Juan Carlos Arco, Santi Oliveras, Estel Cardellach, Antonio Rius and Christopher Buck (CSIC/IEEC, ESA)
2 13h55 - 14h20 An Airborne Experiment to study GNSS-R Phase Observations as part of the GEOHALO Mission
Maximilian Semmling, Fran Fabra, Jamila Beckheinrich, Georg Beyerle, Jens Wickert, Serni Ribó and Mirko Scheinert (GFZ)
3 14h20 - 14h45 Ground-Based Altimetry Using a Single-Receiver Single-Frequency GNSS Phase Ambiguity Resolution Technique
Georges Stienne, Serge Reboul, Jean-Bernard Choquel and Mohammed Benjelloun (ULCO-LISIC)
4 14h45 - 15h10  GNSS Interferometric Reflectometry for snow depth measurement: comparison to SNODAS model in the Western U.S. and first results in the French Alps
Karen Boniface, John Braun, James McCreight, Samuel Morin, Felipe Nievinski and Andrea Walpersdorf (ISTerre-Fr, COSMIC USA, University of Colorado, UNESP/FCT/DC Brazil)
5 15h10 - 15h35 GNSS Reflectometry, an innovating Remote Sensing Tool for the Mekong Delta Jamila Beckheinrich, Steffen Schön, Georg Beyerle, Maximillian Semmling, Heiko Apel and Jens Wickert (GFZ)
 15h35-16h00 Coffee break

16h00 - 18h05 Signal Processing
& multi-path
Chairmen : M. Sahmoudi (ISAE),
C. Botteron (EPFL)
1 16h00 - 16h25 Simulations and exploitation of GNSS-R signals from a 60-meter lighthouse for applications in surface hydrology processes Nicolas Roussel, Frederic Frappart and Laurent Lestarquit (Univ. Toulouse, CNRS, IRD, GET-OMP / GRGS CNES)
2 16h25 - 16h50 GNSS Signals Amplitude estimation Abderrahim Bourkane, Serge Reboul and Jean-Bernard Choquel (ENSAJ, LISIC)
3 16h50 - 17h15 GNSS Multipath Signals: Mitigation or Constructive Use for Robust Navigation in Urban Canyons ? Mohamed Sahmoudi (ISAE),
4 17h15 - 17h40 Evaluating GNSS Signals for Passive Local Sea State Monitoring Alexandre Baussard and Arnaud Coatanhay (ENSTA Bretagne / Lab-STICC)
5 17h40 - 18h05 GPS Sea Surface Observation using Extended Kalman Filtering Frederic Maussang, Sarab Tay, Arnaud Coatanhay and Rene Garello (Telecom Bretagne)
19h00-23h00 "Musée de la Marine",
Cocktail Dinner and Visit of the Museum  
Tuesday 5 November 2013
Telecom Bretagne - BREST
8h45 - 9h15 Plenary Talk: Reflectometry applications with
                         the SX-NSR software receiver
Bernhard Riedl (IFEN)
9h15 - 9h45 Plenary Talk: Use of ECHO-L 3 channels
                         datalogger for reflectometry
Joël Korsakissok (Silicom)
 9h45-10h00 Coffee break

10h00 - 12h05 Reflectometry Chairmen :
Serni Ribo (CSIC/IEEC, ESA),
S. Reboul
1 10h00 - 10h25 The First Space Bourne Detections of Satellite Based Augmentation System Signal Reflections Jason Tye, Craig Underwood, Martin Unwin and Philip Jales (University of Surrey, UK)
2 10h25 - 10h50 GEROS-ISS - GNSS Reflectometry, Radio Occultation and Scatterometry onboard the International Space Station J. Wickert, G. Beyerle, E. Cardellach, C. Förste, T. Gruber, A. Helm, M.P. Hess, P. Hřeg, N. Jakowski, M. Kern, M. Martín-Neira, O. Montenbruck, A. Rius, M. Rothacher, C.K. Shum, C. Zuffada, O.B. O. B. Andersen, B. Chapron, C. C. Gommenginger, A. Jäggi and N. Pierdicca (GFZ, IEEC, EADS, ESA-ESTEC, NASA, IFREMER, ...)
3 10h50 - 11h15 Derivation of near-surface soil moisture from the GNSS site Sutherland, South Africa Sibylle Vey, Jens Wickert, Andreas Güntner, Markus Ramatschi and Theresa Blume (GFZ)
4 11h15 - 11h40 The Typhoon Investigation using GNSS-R Interferometric Signals (TIGRIS) Fran Fabra, Weiqiang Li, Manuel Martín-Neira, Santi Oliveras, Antonio Rius, Dongkai Yang, Wei Yang and Estel Cardellach (ICE-CSIC/IEEC, SEI Beijing, ESA-ESTEC)
5 11h40 - 12h05  Characterization of the reflected celeste signals in the measurements provided by SMOS Jérôme Gourrion Spain ICM/CSIC
12h05-14h00 Lunch + Stands
 Panel Discussion
 Moderator :
S. Reboul
"Multi-channel bit grabber and multi-polarization antenna : 
what challenges for Reflectometry's future"

Panel Participants :
Cyril Botteron (EPFL)
Bernhard Riedl (IFEN)
Stéphane Mallégol (Thales)
Joël Korsakissok (Silicom)