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Real-time Rendering and Animation of Plentiful Flames

Flavien Bridault, François Rousselle, Michel Leblond, Christophe Renaud
3rd Eurographics Workshop on Natural Phenomena, Prague, Czech Republic, September 4, 2007
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Real-time Animation of Various Flame Shapes.

F. Bridault-Louchez, F. Rousselle, C. Renaud, M. Leblond
In Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archeology and Cultural Heritage - VAST 2006 (Cyprus, Oct 30 - Nov 4 2006), PP 37-44
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Enhanced illumination of reconstructed dynamic environments using a real-time flame model

F. Bridault-Louchez, M. Leblond, F. Rousselle, C. Renaud
In Proceedings of the 4th international Conference on Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Visualisation and interaction in Africa (Cape Town, South Africa, January 25 - 27, 2006). Afrigraph '06. ACM Press, New York, NY, 31-40.


Generalized block iterative methods. Application to radiosity

M. Leblond, F. Rousselle, C. Renaud
In Visualization and Mathematics III, H.C. Hege & K. Polthier editors, pp 261-286, Springer


Hybridization techniques for fast radiosity solvers

M. Leblond, F. Rousselle, C. Renaud
In proceedings of Computer Graphics International'2000, Geneva, 19-23 june 2000

Two-levels iterative shooting method with groups

F. Rousselle, M. Leblond, C. Renaud
In Proceedings of WSCG'2000, Plzen, 07-11 February 2000, pp 252-258