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Performance Evaluation of Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications for a Collective Perception Application in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

Patrick Sondi, Lucas Rivoirard, Martine Wahl
Accepted at IEEE 29th Annual International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC 2018)

From Formal Modeling to Discrete Event Simulation: Application to the Design and Evaluation of a Routing Protocol for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

Emna Chebbi, Patrick Sondi, Éric Ramat
International Journal On Advances in Networks and Services, v 11 n 1&2 2018

A Cooperative Vehicle Ego-localization Application Using V2V Communications with CBL Clustering

Lucas Rivoirard, Martine Wahl, Patrick Sondi, Dominique Gruyer, Marion Berbineau
IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV), Chang Shu, China, 2018

Top Development Indicators For Middle Eastern Countries

S. Hijazi, R. Fawaz, M. Kalakech, A. Kalakech, D. Hamad
Int. Conf. on Digital Information, Networking, and Wireless Communications (DINWC2018), Lebanese University, Campus of Hadath, Beirut, Lebanon, April 25-27, 2018.
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Financial Sustainable Development Indicators A Comparative study between Lebanon and Middle East countries: Where Lebanon stands?

S. Al Katat, A. Kalakech, M. Kalakech, D. Hamad
24th Int. Scientific Conference, “Sciences, Social Equity and Sustainable Development”, University of Balamand, Balamand Al Kurah, 25-26 April, 2018.
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Informed Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Methods for Mobile Sensor Network Calibration

C. Dorffer, M. Puigt, G. Delmaire, G. Roussel
IEEE Transactions on Signal and Information Processing over Networks, to appear
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From Persona to Living Persona, Preliminary Data from a Pilot Study in HCI Education

- Kolski, C., Warin, B.
20th International Conference on Human-Interaction Interaction, 15-20 July 2018, Las Vegas, Nevada

Source contributions to PM10 levels in a coastal area in northern France: a one year study

F. Ledoux, C. Roche, M. Borgie, L. Moufarrej, G. Delmaire, G. Roussel, M. Puigt, C. Beaugard, D. Dewaele, P. Gennevray, O. Favez, D. Courcot
28th SETAC Europe Annual Meeting, Roma, Italy, May 13-17, 2018.

Simulation of a Clustering Scheme for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Using a DEVS-based Virtual Laboratory Environment

Emna Chebbi, Patrick Sondi, Eric Ramat, Lucas Rivoirard, Martine Wahl
9th International Conference on Ambient Systems, Networks and Technologies (ANT-2018), Porto, 2018

Vérification de propriétés d'une méthode de clustering pour réseaux de véhicules par la simulation à événements discrets

Emna Chebbi, Patrick Sondi, Eric Ramat
Journées DEVS francophones 2018, Cargese, 2018

Living Persona Technique applied to HCI Education

Warin, B., Kolski, C., Toffolon, C.
9th conference IEEE EDUCON, April 18-20 2018, Canary Islands, Spain
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A new clustering structure for VANET

Lucas Rivoirard, Martine Wahl, Patrick Sondi, Marion Berbineau, Dominique Gruyer
7th Transport Research Arena TRA 2018, April 16-19, 2018, Vienna, Austria

Manufacturing Software Units: ISO 16300-3 main Guidelines for Interoperability Verification and Validation

H. Basson , M. Matsuda , M. Bouneffa , A. Ahmad , D. Chung , E. Arai
Interoperability of Enterprise Systems and Applications, I-ESA 2018 Conference, Smart Services and Business Impact of Entersprise Interoperability, Berlin, March 21st- 23rd, 2018

Ontology-Based Reasoning System for Logistics Applications Deployment

Mourad Bouneffa, Adeel Ahmad, Cyril Fonlupt, and Hayder Ibrahim Hendi

Image quality assessment of computer-generated images :based on machine learning and soft computing

A.Bigand (Ed), J.Dehos, C.Renaud, J.Constantin
Short book, Springer, 128 pages, ISBN 978−3−319−73543−6, March 2018.

Constrained Weighted Feature Selection

S. Hijazi, M. Kalakech, A. Kalakech, D. Hamad
Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computation with Applications NASCA, Kalamata from July 2nd - 6th 2018.
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Feature Selection Approach based on Hypothesis-Margin and Pairwise Constraints

S. Hijazi, M. Kalakech, D. Hamad, A. Kalakech
IEEE Middle East & North Africa COMMunications Conference MENACOMM'2018, Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK), Jounieh - Lebanon, April 18-20, 2018.
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Multi-color space local binary pattern-based feature selection for texture classification

Journal of Electronic Imaging, volume 27, issue 1, 011010, 2018.
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Urban traffic modelling and simulation: Moroccan capital case study

Brahim Aboutaib, Lahoucine Ballihi, Cyril Fonlupt, Virginie Marion, Sébastien Verel
SADASC'18, Maroc
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Proposition d’une structuration dynamique d’un réseau de communication intervéhiculaire pour les ITS

Rivoirard Lucas, Martine Wahl, Patrick Sondi, Marion Berbineau, Dominique Gruyer
Congrès les Rencontres De la Mobilité Intelligente (RDMI 2018), ATEC ITS France, Paris, 2018
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