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Execution of parallel tasks into distributed computing environment

Ivaylo Penev, Technical university of Varna, Bulgaria.

jeudi 31 mai 2012 à 14h00

salle B014

The presentation will discuss the possibilities of cluster computing (both in the case of local networks and GRID environments) for execution of embarrassingly parallel tasks. The main points of the presentation will be as follows :

  • Features of embarrassingly parallel tasks, areas of appilcation, examples of classical embarrassingly parallel tasks ;
  • Clusters of computing nodes in local network and in GRID environment, middlewares for cluster management (Condor high throughput computing system, Globus toolkit) ;
  • Two practical problems - Monte Carlo simulation and Portfolio Management System ;
  • Realization of the practical examples in a local network cluster (under the control of Condor) and in a GRID cluster (under the control of Globus toolkit) ;
  • Experimental results of the parallel execution.