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Modeling of a cryogenic fluid leakage over sea water using the lattice Boltzmann Method.

Nicolas Maquignon, doctorant, LISIC

jeudi 20 juin 2013 à 14h45

amphi Mahamed

Multi-component fluids with liquid to gas phase change and heat transfer are often an issue for the physical modeling and for the stability in direct numerical simulation, though they are of great interest for industrial and environmental understanding. The spreading of Liquid Natural Gas over sea water has to be modeled with the consideration of three different fluid components which are indeed LNG, water and the surrounding air. The Lattice Boltzmann model allows us to incorporate additional physics in comparison to the traditional Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) method, which generally only describes the Navier-Stokes motion of a single-component flow, and which would reveal itself insufficient for the modeling of LNG. The LBM appears to be a great candidate for the modeling of complex fluid motion, as it considers the physics of mesoscopic scale. More than just being of great interest for the physical modeling, the LBM is a great candidate for parallelization and could be implemented for Multi-GPU hardware, using CUDA and MPI, as well as multi-core CPU with the Open-MP library.

The presentation will be about showing the model ability to describe the LNG spreading and direct numerical simulation results will be provided. Phase change with heat transfer visual results obtained with Simple direct Media Layer (SDL) will be shown. An explanation of the algorithm and implementation will be exposed and some strategy of parallelization will be discussed too.