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Advanced Object Based Image Processing and Uncertainty Analysis

Bakhtiar Feizizadeh, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran, Dept GIS.

jeudi 19 avril 2018 à 13h30


Remote sensing imagery needs to be converted into tangible information which can be utilised in conjunction with other data sets, often within widely used Geographic Information Systems (GIS). As long as pixel sizes remained typically coarser than, or at the best, similar in size to the objects of interest, emphasis was placed on per-pixel analysis, or even sub-pixel analysis for this conversion, but with increasing spatial resolutions alternative paths have been followed, aimed at deriving objects that are made up of several pixels. This talk gives an overview of the development of object based methods, which aim to delineate readily usable objects from imagery while at the same time combining image processing and GIS functionalities in order to utilize spectral and contextual information in an integrative way. The most common approach used for building objects is image segmentation, which dates back to the 1970s. Around the year 2000 GIS and image processing started to grow together rapidly through object based image analysis (OBIA - or GEOBIA for geospatial object based image analysis). Within this talk the OBIA will be introduced and it applications for environmental modeling and assessment will be discussed. As part of this talk, the accuracy assessment which is a fundamental step in remote-sensing image processing will be discuss as well. For this goal, Fuzzy Dempster-Shafer Theory for spatial uncertainty analysis and accuracy assessment of OBIA will be introduced.