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Doctorant, Equipe Imap

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Top Development Indicators For Middle Eastern Countries

S. Hijazi, R. Fawaz, M. Kalakech, A. Kalakech, D. Hamad
Int. Conf. on Digital Information, Networking, and Wireless Communications (DINWC2018), Lebanese University, Campus of Hadath, Beirut, Lebanon, April 25-27, 2018.
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Feature Selection Approach based on Hypothesis-Margin and Pairwise Constraints

S. Hijazi, M. Kalakech, D. Hamad, A. Kalakech
IEEE Middle East & North Africa COMMunications Conference MENACOMM'2018, Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK), Jounieh - Lebanon, April 18-20, 2018.
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Constrained Weighted Feature Selection

S. Hijazi, M. Kalakech, A. Kalakech, D. Hamad
Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computation with Applications NASCA, Kalamata from July 2nd - 6th 2018.
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